Linotypes w/ Teletypesetter


The Blue Streak Comet is suitable for Teletypesetter application.
With operating speed up to 12 single column (12 pica) lines per minute, this machine was designed specifically with automatic Teletypesetter operation in mind.

The Blue Streak Comet has two 90-channel magazines.
These magazines are placed at a pitch of 70 degrees to facilitate matrix drop.
Selection from either magazine is controlled manually.

The operator must wait until the matrices from a magazine have been distributed before pushing the automatic matrix guard lever. This shifts the other magazine into. its operative relationship with the keyboard and distributor. The magazine shifting lever is located just to the right of the magazine.

The Blue Streak Comet is equipped with a single high speed distributor.

No. 100, shipped 1950.

Comet (side view)

Green Bay Press Gazette had 4 Comets.

They were purchased in 1958 and came equipped with Star Auto Setters.

In 1962 the Press Gazette chose to replace the auto setters with TTS operating units.

At that time we installed Shaffstall Mat Detectors.

Another change was made to raise the machines up off the floor
with the use of 12” long x 12” wide by 18” high

This eliminated a multitude of problems for monitor back aches.

The back step might have been a little high for some machinist to navigate when a roof-stop call showed up on the board.

After the 3rd. call to the same machine, the machinist got smart and fixed the problem. Not just clear the stop and let it go on.


The Model 31 Linotype succeeds theMode~ 8 and is excellent for Teletypesetter application It is accepted as a standard “straight matter” composing machine.

The Model 31 may be equipped with from one to four standard magazines. They may be moved into operative relationship with the keyboard and single distributor by means of a manually operated magazine shifting mechanism, controlled from a crank located above the right edge of the keyboard. One full revolution of this crank moves the next adjacent magazine into operative position. This crank in its lowest position is substantially in line with the top of the key buttons in row No.1.

The Model 31 is equipped with a single distributor.

It is also equipped with a new style intermediate distributor driving pulley.

The "two-in-one" feature permits the use of both 72 and 90-channel magazines, a selector is provided so that the distributor mechanism and assembler front may be automatically changed from 72 to 90-channel arrangements as the magazines are shifted into operative position.

This machine is equipped with a new style assembling elevator. This elevator has an entirely new front plate (D-5139) of heavier construction and is secured to the back plate (D-5140) by means of two screws (one D-5124 and one E-38). No dowels are used.

The assembling elevator gate on this new design is adjustable at both its right and left ends.

The Model 31 also has a movable delivery channel aligning piece and EM-EN- thin space release.

The Model 31 has a single 90-key swinging keyboard.



Model 36 Linotype is not adaptable to Teletypesetting .

It is a wide range ad machine with auxiliary keyboard which will interfere with application of operating unit.