Teletypesetter Fonts by  Intertype Corporation and Mergenthaler Linotype Company — 1957 era.

The cover, left, 1941 era. is from a parts book for Model 20 Type Teletype Bar Page Printers.

Found this cover in the archives of Radio Station  WMAM 570 AM
Marinette, Wi.,

Type Bar Page Printer  machines  spewed out the 7” wide yellow paper with news stories from (UPI) United Press International, (AP) Associated Press and others I don’t know about.

This was how radio and newspapers obtained their news stories.

In the newspaper world a 6 level paper tape punch would be installed. As the news was printed on the paper in the machine a punched 6 level paper tape was being created for use on a Teletype Setting Operating Unit. 

The punched tape was sent to the newspaper composing room to create lead slugs (lines) of type with a Teletypesetter Unit on a line casting machine. (Linotype or Intertype)

These type slugs were imposed into columns of type and printed onto paper.

After folding and cutting, the newspaper was ready for delivery (paper delivery people) to homes or newspaper stands.

Sometime around 1958 the TELETYPESETTER Corp. 2752 North Clybourn Avenue, Chicago 14, Illinois
was acquired by the Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corp.
Plainview, Long Island NY

This four page (left) flyer was included in the sale. Instead of reprinting the flyers, Fairchild  chose to blacken out the word CORPORATION and continue distributing this information.

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This list is good
until 1957 era.


There were many more Unit Newspaper fonts that were created.

See below.

Another list from

Mergenthaler Linotype Company

“Useful Matrix Information”

book published in 1966.

for Newspaper use