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Single Level "Privy" comes equipped
 with necessary items.

Red and white corncobs a must.

Very important! For sure a
Sears Robuck© catalog.

A great conversational piece
 for the person who
 has every thing.

 racking your brain trying
 to find something
It's right here!

Talk about Privies, Outhouses, the Office,
 Library, Convenience Stations or
Crappers instead of what the
 City, County, State or
 Federal Government
is or are doing.

A great conversational piece that can be
displayed on your fireplace mantel
 or the credenza in the board room
 where they cook the books!

. . .  more below





dateline — 1948 – Crivitz, Marinette County, Wi., Peshtigo River; end of Forest Rd 1634

Late 1940's Boy Scout troop #55 in Marinette, WI. was awarded the pleasure of constructing an outdoor privy in Marinette County, overlooking the Peshtigo river, down stream 2.5 miles from Johnson Falls. Scout master, Mr. Tieg, was very creative. 
While mixing motor and stacking cinder blocks on top each other, for the hunting cabin, Mr. Teig came up with a brilliant idea.
Let there be sun light in the Outhouse! Why stare at a blank wall?
A window, overlooking the winding Peshtigo River, was installed. You could see over the short tree tops going down the hill to the river. The stream wasn’t a fast running, deep river except for 1/2 hour around 5 p.m. when the Public Service power dam opened a gate to generate more electricity. Other fisher people or cones were doing their thing.

The door, with crescent shape of moon cut into it, was installed onto the side of outhouse. 

All 17 of  us scouts were on a time schedule when we were to be in the “pit” digging sand.

How GREAT it was!                  Something people don’t do anymore.

For many years . . . . 1947 — 2006 the camp was owned by the same person, who was 86 years of age, passed away. Before he died he made arrangements to sell the property etc.

The new owner specifically stated “he just wanted to get away from his business” on weekends. Sounded reasonable to the second owner.

Didn’t take the new owner, who owned a “logging and saw mill” operation — moved his logging operation onto the property and proceeded to “almost clear cut” the 100 year old maple trees, haul them to his mill in Peshtigo, Wi. and do his butchering of same.

Five years later some new trees have grown. Nothing like the old ones.

The 40 acre plat was unique. It was sold by Marinette County, Wi. using the open biding process on the court house steps. The scoutmaster paid $410.00.

The lumber company paid $40,000 when purchased from the second owner. After his “clear CUTTING”, He bailed out of the property - selling it for $80,000.

This 40 acre plat is at the edge of a 400 acre pine forest that Marinette Cty. still owns.

After the 40 acre plat went thru a couple more owners, the last owner defaulting on the loan, Marinette County took back possession of the property. Eventually the white cement block one room bldg. 20 ft. deep x 30 ft. wide was the victim of a . . . . a D9 cat . . . . the county hired to push the bldg into a ravine that lead down to the Peshtigo river.

Some day I’ll come across a picture of the place and post it . . . till then —

One thing I do know about the river: Last August, 2013, I stopped by the “fly fishing stretch” on the Peshtigo River . . . . the deer, beavers and trout fish are still doing their thing in the waters.

The end.first edition: 2008; second 2014;
third edition ??? this “once upon a time boy scout ain’t NEVER, NOT getting younger!”
P.S. My “English Professor” mother would be livid if she heard me speak the above statement.



Exterior finished in contrasting colors. Can be customized for
1, 2 or 3, round or square holes? Your choice.
Want custom lettering or sign on outside?
or a special picture of your favorite ? on inside back wall!

(reasonable charges)

questions or requests
Square Circle Saw Works


Includes a 4 page brochure
that contains history about
 privies and other good info.

Some interesting subjects:

  • • Rules of the privy
  • • Location, location, location
  • • Why the crescent moon?
  • • What happens when privies fill up?
  • • What did people use before toilet paper?
  • • Why were there two-holers?
    • some had 10 or more!!
  • • Why two and three-level crappers? —
      this ain't no joke!





Some people might find it hard to believe that there are those who have never seen an outhouse, privy or crapper, much less used one. For folks devoid of the crapper experience, this general information will be especially helpful.

Every cottage, cabin, rec-room, or board room should have one displayed right next to the deer head, fish, tiger or elephant that didn't get away.



Dimensions: 5½" x 5½" square x 6" high. Roof lifts off for a look down; door opens for look into; front window is un-breakable.

Late 1800's some employers would cut SQUARE holes into seat boards. WHY? So their employees wouldn't sit more than 5 minutes and fall asleep.
Some edges were kinda rough!

Don’t like the smell???? NO Problem.
Go to your nearest hunting headquarters —
purchase bottle of "DoePee."
[That'll keep you sniffin' for awhile.] Might even bring tears to your eyes.

Owner responsibility: Purchase your own white lime.


Red and white corn cobs —
explanation included with shipment!


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