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Us Chickadees, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers and Jays would sure appreciate one of these feeders.

Special Unique Instructions (included with each shipment) on where and how to hang feeder with suggestion about seeds.

Itís been working great for over a year. We birds and rodents get along just fine. We have our feeding station and they have theirs.

Bottom Feed holes have very short pin which reminds rodents to use another feeder.


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Feeder cost  $19.95  each
Shipped U.S.P.S.
Fill with small black sunflower seeds





Flying Squirrels been feeding
here for more than 2 years.
6 appeared in 2005.




Mr Shrew been around for 6 years or more.
Does a great job of cleaning up after the flying feathers leave.



Feeder cost $24.95 each
Shipped U.S.P.S.
f.o.b. Monona WI