inside the walls
Linotype & Ludlow
 Working Museums – Denmark, Ia
8 mi. West of Burlington Ia – 6 mi. North of Ft. Madison • Dean: Larry J Raid
Linotype University – Denmark, Ia. Info.

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Linotype Introduced -
July 3, 1886
by Ottmar Mergenthaler
Letterpress Renaissance
Wood Type Museum
Two Rivers, WI

Outside - Looking In
Linotype University
Denmark, Ia.

Born date 1965  ACE
Automatic Controlled Elektron
July 3, 1886, was Linotype Machines Birthday. It sure was superior to hand stickin ‘ type with composing stick

1960 era
Automatic Controlled Elektron
ACE Elektron II
(Page Under Construction)

1960 era
Automatic Controlled Elektron Linotype with
Thermex Mold Disk
and Mold Refrigeration

Intertype Company
Founded 1911
Searched for Intertype Monarch
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  Don Black Linecasting

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1911 Machinist Hand Book
dog eared - ripped -
greasy finger prints
first one I’ve seen

East Side Print Shop
1885 circa
Madison, WI





Matrix Teeth
What magazine channel
do they fall into?
Step by Step Instruction

Teletype – Perforator I
 punched holes — paper tape
Ticker Tape parades, New York City

Matrices –
Mold alignment None, 1 or 2 flaps?
Display type - Over Hanging
type - how to cast grocery
store advteriseing

Teletype – Perforator II
Office workers saved used punched tape + chad  punches for parades on Avenues in New York City

Print Devil
Early years - 193? - to present
Glass Milk Bottles - horses -
oat shelling - silo filling -
and much more -
Updated - 2012

Teletype –Perforator III
Up Close look at what holes in paper tape sent to TTS unit that assembled words, spaces to cast and justify a line of hot metal type to print on paper.

TTS fonts
Intertype or Linotype

Teletype Unit Fonts
1935 - 1957 Fonts Used

TTS  Operating Unit I
Thousands of moving levers, rollers, code bars, springs, delay features,
punching paper tape signals
commanding hot metal
machines how and when to function

Intertype TTS -
Linotype was competition - for
many years - ‘till Monarch TTS
became “king” of
HI speed typesetting machines!
9 lines per minute output

Linotype TTS
Intertype was competion for many
years ‘till ACE  Electron TTS
 became  “king” of
HI speed typesetting machines!
14 lines per minute output






Help Links -

Hotmetal Linecasting
Machine Adjustments



Print Files for:




















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Pictures and/or info pertaining to Hot Metal typesetting appreciated —
         see list below.
     all items published - with credits - if desired. Thanks, jer 

2012   Looking for:
Ludlow - picture with top down.

Monotype keyboard - air operated - wide paper tape with holes - caster  setting type - etc. be great if an explanation on how or why the air, selection process of characters, justification and tabbing function etc. Pictures of type in  galleys would be great.

Democrat Publishing in Madison WI had a room full of this equpt. Perfect alignment for tabular material.
Not many persons knew how to operate the keyboards or type casters.   Most machines went to landfills.

Shaffstall Mat Detector - hot metal Linotype or Intertype

check back again.... might be looking for additional info.