Building Chip Feeder #2


Jar End Holder — 4”w x 1.5” h x .075” thick. Insert jar into hole cut in end of house. Allow 1/8” space from end of jar to holder. Mark a line. Tip the baseboard over and drill 2 small pilot holes thru the baseboard into the block of wood.

Obtain 2 large nails. About 3” long. Measure from nail head for 1 3/4”. Cut both nails off. Round the ends. Drill 2 holes thru the baseboard, using pilot holes. Drill to be smaller than the nails. Press the cutoff nails thru baseboard.

Take the Jar End Holder and drill 2 holes larger than the spike nails pressed into the baseboard, using the pilot holes as a guide. (refer to first picture to left) Drill approximately 1 1/8” deep. Block of wood will sit astride the 2 nails. Attach a piece of chain or wire to block and to the baseboard.

Covering material on house part (left) of the Chip Feeder can be luan board or plywood. If you have a planer take a piece of pine board down to  3/8”. Makes a nice roof. The entrance hole can be from 1 1/2” to 1 3/4”. The smaller the better — otherwise you could be bothered by undesirable squirrels. I’ve observed a Chip squeeze thru a 1” square space with a mouth full of kernels.

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