Building a Chip Feeder # 1

1 Baseboard - above - 5 wide x ? long x .75 thick. The long is determined by jar size.
Left and right ends of house are  wider than baseboard. When attaching ends, center on baseboard. The extra space allows for easy cleaning.

The hole size for the jar is approximately 2.75. Set 1 end piece on base. Lay 32 oz. or jar of choice on side. Trace around outer edge of jar opening. Cut out with scroll saw.

Cutting Ends 2 boards 5.5 wide x 4.5 high. #1. Measure 3.25 up each edge of boards. Mark. #2. Measure 2.75 (center-left to right) mark. Connect mark #1 to #2, then #2 to #3. Cut along lines for roof angle. (remove blue area above)

Attach left end (no hole) to base board. (2 1.5 wood screws) Measure from end of base board 4.5. Draw line across board. Attach right end (large hole) @ line with (2 1.5 wood screws).

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