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Chip 1

Here I am!   The one and only
million dollar Chip.

This chipmunk is smart, comical, plus very independent and inquisitive.

Fully qualified for movie making.

He has conned a person, by the name of Pete KrunchnaubolowskiÉ, into recording his different traits, happenings, habits and antics along with 100+ pictures, for enjoyment of all.

This book is written for children, Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Moms, Dads, children over the age of 5 and other children under the age of 85 years old.

This author observed these little “critters” for 12+ years before he assembled the first print version.

Now, with text and pictures, along with personal comments and information about dents and hearts in corn kernels, machines that harvest corn, you and all your friends can read about observations this author has put into text.

These chipmunks written about, in this book, are NOT confined in cages.

They disappear, into their burrow, 30 or 40 ft. deep under ground surface, at end of day.

You will definitely laugh! You might cry. You will moan, groan and roll your eyes, but you won’t stop reading it.

Everything you never knew about what it takes to survive, on top of, and down under the earth surface is put into text and pictures.

This book could quite possibly have a positive impact on the life of anyone who reads it.



. . . if birds can swing on this thing -
why not me too! !

These pictures and text appear in a book is for Sale on Amazon.com

proved by the client.

Data Conversion can do that for your next project.

Contact:   [copy/paste into eMail]

with any questions.



2 days and 8 hrs. later the light box operator finally got these two critters settled down to place only 1 foot on the golden kernels and look straight ahead at the “birdie” in the lens.


  . . . Munks first trip to the roof




Munk . . . @ 6 months old
. . . the resort owner was
checking my confidence!




. . . Juniors first trip to the roof






Munk @ 5 months old - August 2001
. . . look for me in there too!






Chip Jr. @ 3 months old - June 2000
. . . just learnin' what it's all about


We (all us chipmunks) have this person very well trained.
He keeps hanging out the window pointing this thing at us which makes a quick flash of light.

He gets all these neat things for us to eat.
In return we chips allow him to take unlimited pictures

I’ve been around this resort/parking lot and bird
feeding station for a couple of years now.


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