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Questions & Answers about
Typesetting — Printing — Binding




Would you like to get a project professionally typeset, printed and bound?

Where, how, costs, paper, layouts and many other questions to answer. If you want to copy pages of typewritten material, staple them in the upper left corner then you don’t need to read anymore.

Take your master prints to a office supply store, insert them into a copy machine, set the counter and wait. Voila! Your done!

The electronic print industry has advanced over the years and is now available at some local office supply stores. They print black/white or color from your electronic file. Better known as a Portable Data File or PDF file.

It might be books like poetry, vanity, short story, autobiography or four page brochure, condo association directory, employee or trade union rules book and you want a publication to present friends etc. then read on.

Think about reprints. Once the book is formatted and printed and just a few  pages require changes, you can update those pages and reprint the new pages in addition to the original book pages. No reason to have the complete book typeset a second time. This works great for publications like employee handbooks.

Projects you choose can be any number of pages printed on one or both sides of the paper. Number of copies – as many you like or only one. Maybe it’s a one hundred page book with pictures and text. You can order just one if you choose.

Number of copies required might be as little as one or as many as 150. Remember: There’s a point where the electronic print cost exceeds the offset print press cost. Check both.

If you become overwhelmed with strange questions or words etc. eMail:
State your question and I’ll answer.

My FREE offer to you:
end me three pages of text typed using Note Pad or any ASCII text editor of choice. If you wish to style your data – no problem. I’ll create, for you, two samples @ no cost. One with your specs and a second with mine. Attach the  file to eMail.
Voila. Should be back in a couple days.

click below link for samples/word costs
Penny Words - start @ 2 cents - slumping to $0.005 mill/word (all work performed in Monona, WI)
                             Data Conversion motto!   [more words = lower word cost]

Below: What Cerlox or Plastic Fingers binding looks like. It’s affordable and allows the project to lay flat open for easy viewing. Works well for coffee table and vanity books. Several choices of binding sizes. (to accommodate # pages in publication)

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What is a electronic

person who manipulates data files and arranges alpha, numerics and punctuation characters into formatted paragraphs and pages

Creating a data file?

-have access to a Windows or Mac computer
-open a text editor of choice: Microsoft word, Notepad, Wordpad or other choice of text entry editor
-don’t worry or try to format (size page, create formats, etc)
- enter data using enter key to terminate paragraphs or headings (2 “enter key” commands for headings)
(1 “enter key” command for paragraph termination)
-create two or three pages of text
-if you are going to use services of technical expertise to create fully formatted pages of type - stop typing
-send (eMail attachment) data file to a service tech. of choice
-they should check what you did, create a sample page from your specs. or choose a format and return to you
-with comments, suggestions, samples etc.
-and let the communication begin between you and the service bureau
-don’t hesitate to use more than one service

What does a
typesetter do?

- determines requirements for
 - page layout/design
 - formatting of type choice
 - flow text and pictures into layout
 - create page proofs for author viewing - PDF file
 - create read right page layouts for printers
 - answer questions pertaining to publication

What is imposition?

assemble pages (folios) for transmission
to electronic or mechanical printing processors

What about proofs?


- usually two proofing cycles [PDF files] (portable data files) can be read from terminal screen
- first cycle  allows the author to add/delete  items and correct spelling errors
- second cycle affords  author  opportunity to  view pages for  content, spelling, etc. before electronically or mechanically printed

Who  does input of data?

- author and/or assistants
- data entry people

What is an electronic data file?

- data file is created with  computer using
- Microsoft Word or other ASCII text editor
- questions? check with the typesetter

What kind of computer can
I use for  data input?

create data file with:
- Windows PC
- Macintosh
- check with publisher about test run

Who does proofing etc?

- editorial content, structure and spelling are
responsibility of author

What methods of data
transfer are available?

3 methods available
- 3.5" disk
- CD rom disk
- e-mail
- telephone, DSL or cable
- check with publisher about test run

What book size is most  economical?

5˝" x 8˝" page size is most economical
- or take a sheet of paper (8˝" x 11")
- fold in half the long way [11”] (top to bottom)
- this makes four 5˝" x 8˝" pages
(print can be placed on both sides)

What is a click charge?

- click charge is cost of electronically printing data on
- 1 (one) - 8˝" x 11" page of data on 1 (one) side of sheet
- click charges range from $.30 to $.65
- print data on front and back of 1 sheet ='s 2 clicks.

Click  charge  calculation?

(electronic printing) using the 5˝" x 8˝" page size
- 2 pages on each side of 1 (one) - 8˝" x 11" sheet of paper)
- print 10 sheets of 8˝" x 11" paper on both sides
   (this generates 40 pages for your publication)
- # of clicks for 10 sheets of paper is 20 clicks
  (1 for the front and 1 for the back of paper)

What about binding?

- process of collating and attaching all pages at the fold which will create a spine

Saddle Stitch?

- think of sitting on horse saddle- left and right legs on each side of the saddle. The top or bottom of pages stacked properly will look like an upside down
“V” or /\

Staples (plastic or wire)?

plastic staples - this method requires a sheet of paper containing 4 printed pages of text/pictures to be folded in half. (no cutting) These folded pages are then assembled in correct order so pages will be in page number order from front to back of publication. Pages are stacked one on top of the other with the 4 pages that will appear in the center of the book being the the bottom of the stack and the first and last page of the book being on the top of the stack. A saddle stitch staples machine is used to insert two staples into the fold edge of book.

Sprial Wire?

using spiral wire - this method requires loose leaf pages to be assembled in correct order then pre-drilled - a series of holes drilled into the left side of the publication. A spiral wire is then twisted through all holes. Ends of wire are bent over to prevent spiral wire from becoming detached from book.

Perfect Bound (binding)?

binding books with cloth binding - for larger (# pages) publications displayed on library shelves. Binding or sometimes called Backbone, contain book title, author and other ID markings.
This process usually employs the use of hot glue.

A bit more costly than than Staples, Cerlock or Wire


- cerlock (plastic strip containing many flexible fingers)
  allows publication  to lay flat on  table top when  opened


spiral wire woven thru drilled holes

How  many pages will
my publication create?

factors used:  page size i.e. 5˝" x 8˝"
- type size  (point size + leading [white space between lines]
     plus size of pictures to appear in publication

following are examples of 2 reunion booklets:

- 20 year reunion 60 attendees
- type size was 9 point on 11 pt. leading (white space) – larger than newspaper type
- publication contained 8 pages including covers
- everyone had pretty good eyesight
- 25 years later – 51 attendees (45th. reunion)
- type size was 11 point on 13 pt. leading (white space) – pictures added
- publication contained 12 pages including covers
- eyesight starting to fail

Class  reunion booklet funding ideas?

- businesses that reunion committee are using
- local restaurants; hotels; motels; catering; fuel stops, etc.
- see ad examples on lower part of this page
- more advertisers in publication ='s more $'s in budget

Buying composition?

- buy typesetting/composition by the word
both seller (typesetter) and buyer (you) are on the same wave length


- format/typesetting service quotes page cost using 13 point type on 14.6 leading – submits this to customer
- the buyer changes the point size to 11.6 on 12.6 leading which will reduce the pages generated (less page cost)

- Result: typesetter will not be happy with less $’s
no doubt will want to re-negotiate a page cost.

- the only person to be concerned with how many pages are created is THE PERSON who pays for the pages to be printed

- it makes for better harmony between the typesetter and user when page cost doesn’t enter into the quotation



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